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The April Green Room was very interesting. We started with a couple of warm-up games and then started to read 'Women in Jeopardy' by Wendy MacLeod. It appears by the laughter from everyone that this play will be ideal for Mercury to produce, maybe even for 2018. Keep an eye out on our Web Page or Facebook.

The boyfriend, hummm. Can she trust him?

We had two visitors to our ranks and they thoroughly enjoyed their time with us. If you receive our emails and would like to come but think the Green Room is only for members then don't worry it will only cost you a gold coin donation and you will be with other like minded people and have a very enjoyable night of play reading, games and conversations.

We tend to discuss lots of aspects of the production side of the play as well as what the characters would sound like, behave or how they would react.

The Green Room is held the first Wednesday of the month at the Wynnum Manly Arts Council room at the old Wynnum Central School. Put it in your diary and come along.

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