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Get involved!  (no experience necessary)

Dive into the vibrant world of MTW, where every role, from the spotlight to behind-the-scenes, plays a crucial part in bringing our stories to life.  Our theatre is more than a stage—it's a community where every contribution matters, and together, we create the extraordinary. Get involved today and be part of the passion, the innovation, and the family that is our community theatre.  To participate in a production or committee, you must be a Mercury Theatre memberAt just $10 a year, it's your backstage pass to the magic of theatre!


We understand that life is busy, and we value your time. Whether you can spare a few hours a month or dive in deeper, there's a place for you here.

So, what can you do?

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Actors bring characters to life, using their talent to tell stories and convey emotions that resonate with the audience. No experience necessary!

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The backstage crew works behind the scenes to ensure smooth transitions between scenes, managing props, costumes, and set changes efficiently and discreetly.

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General Committee


General committee members play a pivotal role in the administrative and organisational aspects of the theatre, overseeing all operations.

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Directors oversee the creative vision of the production, guiding actors and crew to ensure that the performance aligns with the intended artistic concept. Do you want to Direct a show for Mercury Theatre Wynnum?

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Sound & Lighting

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The sound and lighting team enhances the atmosphere of productions, using technical skills to support the storytelling with audio and visual effects.

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Marketing, Events & Publicity

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The publicity team works to promote the theatre's productions, engaging the community through marketing strategies, social media, and public relations to attract audiences.

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Set Design & Props

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Set designers and prop masters create the physical and visual environment of the stage, constructing sets and sourcing props that bring the world of the play to life.

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Photographers capture the essence of productions, from rehearsals to performances, creating visual memories and promotional material that showcase the theatre's talent.

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Front of House


Front of house staff are the face of the theatre for the audience, managing ticket sales, ushering, and ensuring guests have a welcoming and organized experience.

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Don't forget you'll need to be a member to participate in Mercury Theatre Wynnum. Come on in, the water's warm! Become a member here

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